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Labor and Employment Law Section
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The purpose and mission of the Labor & Employment Law Section are to serve and support our members and others through opportunities for education, leadership, networking, professionalism, and public service, and by providing quality programs, publications, scholarships, and awards related to the field of labor and employment law. There are many benefits to joining the Labor & Employment Law Section, including:

  • The Checkoff – The Section’s newsletter provides updates on recent employment and labor law issues, including discrimination, traditional labor (collective bargaining and other union-related issues), non-competes, unemployment appeals, and wage/hour issues.
  • E-Updates – Members receive weekly updates on recent employment law cases in the 11th Circuit and Florida courts.
  • Publication Opportunities – Members are encouraged to submit articles for publication in either the Checkoff or in The Florida Bar Journal (on behalf of the Section).
  • At least five live CLE Seminars in South Florida, Orlando, Tallahassee, and elsewhere, including the Public Employment Labor Relations Seminar, the Labor and Employment Law Certification Review Seminar, and the Advanced Labor Topics Seminar. Section members receive discounted registration fees for either the live seminar or the purchase of the online seminar/downloadable audio/CD/DVD of the seminar.
  • Webcasts and Webinars – Lunchtime CLE presentations on specific areas of the law, designed for the convenience of the viewer and offered at a discount to Section members.
  • Section Committees and Subcommittees – Members can participate in the committees and enjoy opportunities to network with legal professionals with similar interests.
  • Social events – The Section hosts several receptions during the year, including a reception at the Annual Florida Bar Convention.

Membership in the Section is open to any member of The Florida Bar in good standing. Additionally, law school faculty, authorized house council, and Florida law school students may join as affiliate members of the Section.

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