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The mission of the Labor and Employment Law Section is to serve and support our members and others through opportunities for education, leadership, networking, and public service, and by providing quality programs, publications, scholarships and awards relating to the field of labor and employment law. We encourage you to Join the Section to experience the many benefits of Section membership.  For Section members, we hope you will Get Involved with the Section through participation on committees, writing articles for our publications, or volunteering to present at one of our CLE offerings.

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I hope this letter finds everyone well and enjoying the Holiday Season. It is a great time to reflect on the prior year’s accomplishments, next year’s goals, and areas for improvement. One thing that strikes me is the lack of civil discourse in our politics. Healthy, spirited debate is a necessary ingredient for our democracy to thrive, but personal attacks and a total lack of civility are making that impossible. My holiday wish this year is that we, as a country, learn tolerance and how to disagree without being disagreeable.

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